Meet Miss Zoe Cadence Walenius
Cancer survivor
OMS fighter
Zoe Cadence means "Rhythm of Life."  Zoe is battling a rare auto-immune disease, Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome (OMS), that was caused by Neuroblastoma cancer. She is constantly suffering from symptoms of the disease and side effects of the treatments.  She receives treatment at home every day and has chemotherapy once a week.  She just had emergency surgery to remove her central line because it had gotten infected. Recently, Zoe had test results showing severe damage to her bones from all of her medications. But,  Zoe has reached a point where we have to get more aggressive with her treatments.  She is an amazing little girl that endured great suffering and pain.  She has a beaming personality and an infectious smile.  Please keep little Zoe in your prayers.
You can find out more about Zoe and read her updates at
TEAM RHYTHM OF LIFE is "Running for Zoe."  Zoe is an amazing seven year old that was born with one of the rarest diseases in the world, Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome (OMS).  OMS is a neurological auto-immune disease that resulted from Neuroblastoma Cancer. So far, there is not a cure for OMS, only the possibility of a neurological remission with powerful treatments. Unfortunately, relapses are extremely common. The Rhythm of Life Foundation is raising money for medical care, research and awareness of this terrible disease
As we grow, we plan to expand our financial support to other families with children that suffer from this dreadful disease.  The foundation will be joining forces with runners across the country to acheive our fundraising and awareness goals, while experiencing a competitive athletic acheivement that contributes to the runners own physical health and self discipline.
The Rhythm of Life is a project of The Noblemen
We are very grateful to Al Midgett, founder,
and The Noblemen for their support!
For more information about the Rhythm of Life Project, please visit our website:
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